What is Idrasil? Its Simply Medicine.

Introducing Idrasil™  The Naturally Consistant Cannabis Pill

Idrasil™ provides all of the medicinal analgesic & therapeutic benefits of Medical Cannabis without the social risks associated with smoking or the unpredictable dosages of edible confections. Idrasil™ eliminates the negative social stigmas associated with Medical Marijuana and replaces them with a mainstream all natural nutraceutical which looks like any other pill on the market.

Cannabinoids are the active components of Cannabis. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) & Cannabidiol (CBD) are the most prevalent natural cannabinoids and have received the most study, however Idrasil™ contains over 65 cannabinoids. Unlike Marinol (Dronabinol), which are synthetic forms of a single cannabinoid (THC) only, Idrasil™ is an all-natural cannabis plant extract containing the full spectrum of naturally occurring cannabinoids (cannabis).

What makes Idrasil™ unique? There are two revolutionary breakthroughs:

Extraction: Our proprietary technology effectively isolates all of the cannabinoids from the cloned cannabis plant resulting in a pure natural extraction.

Consistency: In the past the unreliable efficacy and inconsistent dosage of medical cannabis have been the primary complaints of mainstream physicians and caregivers considering prescribing or recommending of medical cannabis. Idrasil™ allows these physicians and caregivers to provide a standardized and consistent formula with a measurable dosage (25mg Pill), each and every time to their patients.

IdrasilRx™ provides all of the medicinal benefits of Cannabis without the risks of smoking, or the unpredictable dosages of edible confections. Idrasil™ eliminates the negative social stigmas associated with marijuana and replaces them with a mainstream All Natural Nutraceutical, in a 25mg pill form. Idrasil™ qd, at a bedtime, for Quality of Life. The only “All Natural” Medical Cannabis Rx recognized and paid for by most health insurance providers in California.

Why Idrasil™?

Why Idrasil™? Because what Morphine did for Opium a century ago, our proprietary new medicine Idrasil™ will do for Medical Cannabis. This is to harness the medicinal analgesic and therapeutic benefits while effectively removing the negative connotations and social stigmas. Idrasil™ is an effective, non-addictive, non-opioid pain management option specifically targeted toward valid patient ailments.

Conveniently available in a pill, Idrasil™ will improve the Quality of Life for patients and their families. Idrasil™ minimizes the adverse effects of opiate based treatment such as addiction, depression, lack of appetite, incoherence and constipation. With Idrasil™, patients are alert, lucid, happy and enjoy more quality time with their families.

For years, the Medical Industry has been seeking a mainstream, safe and consistent method of administering Medical Cannabis to their patients. Our proprietary, patent pending technology provides THC & Cannabinoids in their natural form at a consistent measured dose without euphoria. Idrasil™ will revolutionize the way the medical community addresses a variety of medical issues.

Idrasil™ is a standardized, consistent, bacteria free delivery of pure THC and all other naturally occurring cannabinoids conveniently manufactured in an easy to swallow, 25 mg tablet. Idrasil™ can be recommended by your physician directly on a prescription pad and paid for by most medical insurance providers in California.