The following Insurance Information for Doctors and their staff is designed to help them better understand how health insurance is billed for Idrasil™. If you have any specific questions please contact Patient Services at (855) IDRASIL or

Is Idrasil™ reimbursable by a patients medical insurance?

Yes. Idrasil™ is reimbursable by private insurance, HMO or better. No MediCaid, No MediCal, no Kaiser.

How does the patient submit the insurance claim?

They dont, C3 Patients Association™ does!

  • Simply write the patient a prescription for Idrasil 25mg, PRN / Qd on the doctors prescription pad and give it to the patient.
  • The Patient will then, if they have not already, Become A Member with C3 Patients Association™, supply their information (Prescription etc, and C3 Patients Association will Submit the Insurance Claim for them.