“In 1994 I had neck surgery.C-5, C-6, andC-7 were fused together. I was in a car accident 6 weeks later. My neck was ok but I have had pain since the operation.I have had every pill for pain, muscle relaxers to Morphine patches. I become immune to pills quickly.

Cannabis on the other hand, using it to take care of the pain, can get me through my day without my arms getting numb or the constant pain in my shoulder blade and arm. I can get along with my day as a normal person.  It works!!”

Matt, Pain


“I have a shoulder injury from high school football days, that’s been around a long time.  Within the last month or two I had an episode last month where I picked something up and I pulled or tore something in or around it.  The pain from that area got extremely intense last night.  Because I was taking Idrasil for my headaches I took an extra one and the pain improved to only about 15% of what it was.  My total dosage was 1.5 pills.  Thank you Idrasil…”

D Chambers – Orange County

“I take Idrasil™ in the evening. Within an hour my body is relaxed, the discomfort is relieved and my mind stays clear. Idrasil™ helps me to get a good night’s sleep with no lingering effects in the morning.”

– K. Maedo, Sleep Disorder

“I am a 30-year-old mother of four. Yes I am young to have that many children. Today I can honestly say that I love my life, my children and my husband, but that was not always the case. Almost 2 years ago I was diagnosed with depression/anxiety. I had been a long time sufferer and was at the point of contemplating suicide daily. I hated myself and my life so much that I almost ruined my life in a series of very bad decisions. I was put on Effexor 150mg and within a few short weeks I felt like a completely different person. After upping my dose a few times and dealing with the side effects of stomach pain and nausea, I decided to try marijuana. I now use it on a daily basis at night after the children are in bed. I have experienced so many wonderful effects in my daily life that I now think of cannabis as a medicine for my anxiety, a stress reliever. Every night my husband and I talk for hours together rather than watch television. Every night, cannabis helps me to relieve the stresses of my day.  It assists me in relaxing, and in thinking clearly and seeing my life as the truly beautiful gift that it is. I am amazed at the insights that I get about life that I never had before. These are insights that carry over into my everyday decision making and thought processes. My thoughts are more often positive and clear, and as a result I am finally relieved of my suffering from depression and anxiety. I am still on Effexor and will remain on it until my doctor decides otherwise, but I will continue to supplement with cannabis because I believe that it helps my mind to function better. I think it is a shame that this drug is so demonized, because I believe it could help so many people.”  

Anxiety and Depression, Anonymous for Children

“I am 43 years old and was diagnosed with breast cancer in November 1999. I have gone through two chemo treatments. The first treatment, with Adriamycin and Taxol, made me so sick I decided not to undergo further treatments. As an R.N. I understood the implications of halting treatment at this point, and my physician warned me that it was very possible there would be a recurrence if I did not continue. We talked of alternative treatments for the debilitating effects of the chemo drugs. He mentioned Marinol (the legal oral synthetic THC) vs natural cannabis in combination with anti-nausea drugs such as Zofran. 

After some time passed and my body returned to “normal,” I decided to continue the chemo treatments. Again I was so sick, stuck between that feeling of wishing you could throw up in order to feel better and not being able to. As I lay in bed clutching my pink emesis bucket, unable to swallow even ginger ale, I decided to try a little cannabis. I took a very little and it was incredible! Ten minutes later I was out in the yard, helping my husband wash his truck. I was able to continue my normal routine the rest of the day. It gave me a voracious appetite and I gained 9 pounds instead of the feared opposite. Spread the word.  There is no reason to suffer.”  

-Kathy, Cancer


“I developed rhabdomyosarcoma when I was 16 years old. When I was first diagnosed, I weighed 220 pounds. After 8 months of intense treatment that included extremely high doses of chemotherapy and radiation, I was down to a life-threatening 86 pounds. Further complicating my severe weight loss were stomach pain, nausea, and diarrhea, which worked together to kill my appetitive and made it nearly impossible to keep anything down. The medications I was prescribed to mitigate the unpleasant side effects of my treatment only aggravated my symptoms.

I eventually decided to try cannabis. To my surprise, I was able to eat and live without pain for the first time in what seemed like an eternity. I now weigh 193 pounds. I know for a fact that if I did not use cannabis, I would not be here today to tell you this story. I hate the fact that I am doing something socially unacceptable, but it helps, so I will continue to use cannabis because it improves my quality of life and gives me the energy I need to spend time with my wife and 6-year-old son. According to Northwestern University, I am the oldest living survivor who suffers from this disease.”

-Scott P. – Cancer

I have been diagnosed and  living with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) for all my life(20yrs), but it wasnt until 7 years ago that I began medication.  Ritalin did not work for me because it would cause major mood swings in the evenings as the medicine would wear off.  After about a year of Ritalin I switched to Adderal, and that has worked great, but if I took it too late in the afternoon, because of its time release, I would always have difficulty going to sleep.  I began smoking cannabis in the 10th grade as a recreation thing, but as I used it more and more, I realized that it not only helped me get to sleep a lot easier at night, but had a better effect on me than my medication did. Now I just use my cannabis medicine.”

-Stephen – ADHD

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Humira, prednisone and methotrexate were ruining my body after years of use. So in May 2010, I abandoned western medicine for alternative wellness. I was introduced to Idrasil in June 2013. The first effects were to ease the depression and anxiety. After a few weeks, I noticed the therapeutic effects — that my wrists and ankles had reduced inflammation. 

– Lee Salazar, Brea, CA, Rheumatoid Arthritis

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Cannabis for Mom-”The results were quite unexpected.  The cognitive changes were unmistakably positive.  She began to interact appropriately, become more animated and loving, and appropriately reactive, choosing short phrases.  In short, her cognitive thinking had improved!  She even played jokes on us. When Dino came to visit; she hugged him and kissed him and said “it’s been so long since I seen you.  Then demanded another round of hugs and kisses!” 

” Mom transformed from aggressive and angry to the cheerful woman I knew from childhood.  Instead of slapping my cheeks, she caressed them tenderly and moved my hair from my face as she told me she loved me.  From her isolation came the interaction and humor required to joke with us.   From frantic shuffling and hiding of objects she began offering them for my use.  Rather then kicking, biting and hitting, she became happily compliant, even cooperative.  She literally became a social butterfly!”  

-Pat’s Son